Looking after our planet

We all need to take responsibility for our own effect on the environment in which we all live.  As President Kennedy once said "We all breathe the same air". 


Of course what governments and big corporations do has a massive effect on the environment and on what we as individuals are able to do.  But don't think that the small things you can do won't make a difference - to quote one major supermarket "Every little helps!"


If everyone does what we can, as well as campaigning in whatever way we feel able to persuade those with greater power to play their part, we will make a massive difference.  Already we are decarbonising the economy, removing dangerous chemicals from the food chain, reducing plastic waste and much much more.


I've written a little song to encourage people to feel that what they do really counts.  Listen and download the song below:

Just a Little Goes a Long Long Way
Please excuse my singing on this track, but hopefully you'll make a better job of it! The backing is provided by iRealPro.
Just a Little Goes a Long Long Way.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [2.1 MB]
Just a Little Goes a Long Long Way - Lyrics
Lyrics to my song
Just a Little Goes a Long Long Way.docx
Microsoft Word document [12.7 KB]
Just a Little Goes a Long Long Way
Lead sheet with chords for backing to this song.
Just a Little Goes a Long Long Way - Ful[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [76.6 KB]
New Scientist article 21st April 2021
A great summary of where we are now with the science of climate change and what needs to be done.
Climate emergency.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [548.2 KB]

For ideas of what you can do, visit Abingdon Carbon Cutters website below.


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