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While the gyms and sports centres are closed, most people are struggling to get enough exercise.  But I've noticed more people than ever are cycling and walking everywhere instead of using their cars.


As well as aerobic exercise, we also need muscle-strengthening exercise so either heavy lifting and carrying, or home gym workout are necessary for people to do.  Most exercises can be done without any equipment, just a rug or soft mat.  There are many YouTube videos with workouts for lockdown.


Exercise is one thing, but what about the rest of our lifestyles?  The obvious things like not smoking, not drinking heavily, eating healthily and keeping moving are probably the easier things - stress, financial worries and loneliness also have a huge effect on people's physical health and are more difficult to avoid in these times!


Don't be afraid to contact your doctor, who will arrange a telephone consultation at first, if you have any symptoms, physical or mental.  The NHS website also has tons of good advice if you have a minor illness or injury and don't need medical help.  If you're not online, try and get an old smartphone and use public internet to talk to friends and family face to face - it's actually really helpful and can feel like you're really there with them!


And, most importantly, please stick to the lockdown rules and help everyone to bring the pandemic to an early end!!


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